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Roof Replacement

This project required the replacement of the roof coverboard and membrane with a new hot tar, modified bitumen roof system. This project was completed over top a live and operating switch building which handles live cell traffic 24/7/365. The existing roof system had several leaks, some of which were leaks into the switch room above live and operating network equipment. This project was crucial to finish before the start of the unpredictable Chicago winter

The primary requirement of this project was that the roof had to be 100% dried in at the end of each working day. This meant that we could only demolish what roofing could be reinstalled the same day. Another obstacle on this project was the number of mechanical condensers, AHU’s and other critical equipment installed on the roof. Every piece of equipment had to remain in place and remain operable throughout the duration of the project. Completing this project in a timely manner with the Chicago winter quickly approaching proved to be a challenge, however we completed this project with 0 incidents and 0 impact to the customer and their clients.


Hickory Hills, IL


4 Months





Quick Facts

  • 96 Roof Rails

  • 21 Roof Curbs

  • SBS Mod Bit Roof System

  • 33,000 sqft

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