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XEC, Inc - Mission Critical Construction Experts

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Our Company History

Founded in 2007, XEC was built on a foundation of providing Excellence, Experience and Critical Expertise to our clients. Whether from our corporate office or out in the field, we are proud to continue building on this foundation by providing best in class service from our team of experts. Together our team has successfully built over 4 million square feet of Mission Critical facilities across the United States. Proactive, dependable, knowledgeable and professional, you can trust that our unparalleled reputation as advocate and advisor is earned through performance and expertise, ensuring your project's success. Entrusted to oversee the most sensitive and technical facilities in the industry, the XEC team delivers over 350 years of construction experience and partnership to the Mission Critical landscape.

Our Core Values


We maintain positive client-relationships through our resolute integrity in every decision we make and each action we take. We gain credibility with clients, vendors and co-workers by our honest and ethical business practices. We will be forthright in all we say and do.


Create and meet high expectations, every day. If we don’t define it, someone else surely will; therefore, we set the bar high for ourselves and our business partners. We strive to meet the high-expectations we have created for ourselves each and every day.


We always put client’s needs and demands first. While XEC provides the most reliable and trusted equipment for our clients, it’s the service we provide that separates us from our competition. This philosophy is truly what separates those who achieve greatness and those who settle for mediocrity.


We accept and are accountable for actions and results. We take action to prevent and solve problems. We live by the motto, “See it, own it, solve it, and do it!”


We listen and seek to understand before making hasty judgments of others. We treat other with the dignity they deserve. We value other people’s opinions.


Our vision is to build long-term relationships with our clients, while providing a challenging, rewarding and supportive workplace for our team. We believe in learning and applying advanced technology solutions to stay on the forefront of our field.


Our mission is to deliver superior construction services to Mission Critical facilities across the country by building partnerships on a foundation of integrity, accountability, expertise and respect.


  • Quality Every Time: We will deliver quality solutions on every project.
  • Deliver Value: We deliver quality and value at a fair and equitable price.
  • Responsiveness: We make timely decisions, respond quickly, work efficiently, and finish projects promptly.

Our Mission Critical Construction Team

As a general contractor specializing in the Mission Critical market, XEC employees committed, trained and experienced professionals who have dedicated most of their careers to serving Mission Critical facility owners’ construction needs. Our team has successfully built 3 million square feet of Mission Critical facilities across the US including new “ground up”, expansions, upgrades and renovations of existing facilities.

Safety Procedures

Protecting our project teams, the public and the critical equipment surrounding Mission Critical facilities is the most important work we do. We are proud of our incident free history and believe that it speaks to our corporate culture of providing and ensuring safe work environments. Our team performs with the highest level of safety and protection possible, safe guarding against potential hazards. We proudly exceed OSHA standards and conduct mandatory employee safety weekly toolbox talks.

Our employees work directly over all aspects of the risk mitigation processes and your program’s success. Unlike the standard safety protocols accepted by typical Mission Critical contractors, XEC surpasses these processes, upgrading our clients’ performance and delivering to each employee, sub-contractor, and vendor on-site training and support services that educate and empower your Mission Critical partners to assume personal responsibility and best practices.

XEC surpasses standard safety protocols, educating and empowering our subcontractors and vendors through on-site training and support services. We expect the project team to use best practices and assume personal responsibility for project success.