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Construction Services for Mission Critical Facilities Construction Services for Mission Critical Facilities

Construction Services for Mission Critical Facilities

Specializing in Mission Critical construction, nobody understands your business' needs better than XEC. Whether you are building a new Mission Critical facility or making modifications to an existing one, XEC has the service offerings to assist you every step of the way. We proudly provide the following services to our Mission Critical partners:

Project Delivery Methods

How your project is contracted is an important decision. The project delivery methods most common are:

  • Design-Bid-Build (Bid)

  • CMA with a GMP (Negotiated)

  • Design-Build with a GMP (Negotiated) or Fixed Cost (Bid)

  • CM at Risk with a GMP (Negotiated)

Project size, complexity and timing can play a major role in the decision-making process, too. Corporate and procurement policies can also factor in the decision as to what project delivery method is used.

Many of our telecom clients use the design-bid-build method. Yet, Construction Manager at Risk with a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) is also very popular because it reduces risk and provides our clients with a higher degree of estimating reliability of probable cost during the design phase.

Design-build project delivery or turn-key method can be a very effective and risk mitigating approach for many data center owners, whether it is an enterprise data center or multi-tenant data center. The single-point responsibility can be the most compelling reason why an owner would choose the design-build approach. If fast-track scheduling is necessary for any number of reasons, design-build is by far and away the best method of contracting.

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