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Power & Cooling Infrastructure Upgrade

This project was a critical mechanical and electrical upgrade to provide additional infrastructure to support the growing need of network equipment in the Salt Lake City area. This project primarily consisted of electrical and cooling upgrades but also included a new network security cage as well as reception area upgrades to the facility.

The cooling upgrades installed for this project included two additional Veritiv DP400 Packaged Air Handlers. These two units were installed alongside this client’s two existing DP400’s to provide over 1600kw of total cooling capacity for the network space. These units were integrated into the existing teamwork mode and BAS system so that all four units work together to provide optimal cooling for the space. In addition to the two larger DP400 units installed, we also installed two walls mounted Vertiv units in each of the two electrical rooms. This was to provide additional cooling to offset the heat produced by the four new 600kVA UPS’s being installed.

The electrical upgrades for this project consisted of four new 600kVA UPS’s, two in each electrical room. As well as six, 300kVA PDU’s and 12 new RPP’s that were installed in the switch room. Each UPS is accompanied by a string of 60, 840lb batteries to provide the few seconds of power required between utility and generator power should the utility service go down. All of this new equipment was tied in the existing electrical switchgear and required several well planned and perfectly executed shutdowns and cutovers. This project was completed ahead of schedule with 0 down time and 0 interruption to the clients’ network.


West Jordan, UT


9 Months




$6.9 Million

Quick Facts

  • Four, 600kVA UPS's

  • 200k lbs of Batteries

  • Six, 300kVA PDU's

  • Two New Vertiv DP400 Air Handlers

  • 12, New RPP's

  • 450 Tons of Total Cooling

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