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Regen Update

On this particular project, XEC was tasked with bringing an old regen site back to life after sitting vacant and unused for over 20 years.

For this project, XEC provided a complete package for the Owner. We were tasked with completing the site assessment, project design, equipment pre-purchase, utility coordination and construction of the project. After a site visit by both XEC and our selected design team, we put together a detailed site assessment report for the Owner so that they could determine their exact wants and needs for this project. After approval from the Owner on the design, XEC purchased the long lead equipment which included the new HVAC and Generator Tap Box.

When XEC arrived onsite, there was a tremendous amount of vegetation overgrowth covering the building and surrounding area. We were first tasked with simply reaching the site to begin the rebuild effort. After clearing the vegetation around the building, we began on the architectural work which included a number of items such as a new roof, fresh paint, new floors as well as power washing and sealing the exterior. The exterior upgrades included a new high-security fence along with gravel landscaping and bollards.

The major HVAC improvements included removing the small wall mounted air conditioners and replacing them with an N+1 HVAC system. Other updates were made as well to the existing louver and exhaust fan.

Electrical upgrades included a brand-new utility service, new electrical panels, mobile generator tap box as well as a new ground ring and complete grounding system. The building was designed and built in such a way that if the site was to lose utility service, the critical equipment would be able to stay online with the onsite DC plant and sustain itself until a roll-up generator could be brought to site.

Although this building had been abandoned and was offline, extra precautions still had to be taken to ensure the fiber passing through the building was not damaged or disrupted. This project was complete without incident and provided the Owner with additional regen support in the panhandle of Florida.


Greenville, FL


2 Months





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