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Telecom Datacenter Uplift

This was a project located in south Texas and included a number of critical upgrades. All of the improvements for this building took place in a live and operating data center that was processing live traffic throughout the duration of the project.

The architectural improvements for this project included converting a large office space into two brand new electrical rooms and a smaller open office space. We also converted approximately 1/3 of the existing switch room into a new separate switch room, all while maintaining the existing network equipment. We also made vast improvements to the people’s space including restrooms, breakroom and corridors.

The exterior improvements included a fair amount of concrete and site demolition to install the new equipment pads for the 1.5 MW generators and HVAC condensers. The generator yard was then surrounded by a new 12’ steel louvered screen wall to add eye appeal and security to the site. Once the screen was complete, we wrapped up the exterior with new building paint, new landscaping and striping.

The mechanical upgrades for this site were substantial as well. We installed three new Vertiv CRAC units in the new switch room to provide cooling for the new network equipment. In addition to the CRAC units we also installed new RTU’s, DOAS units and Fan Coil Units to cool the new electrical rooms.

The bulk of this project consisted of electrical upgrades. This project included two brand new 4000amp capable electrical rooms. Each of these rooms is served by a new utility service backed up by a 1.5MW Caterpillar Generator and Generator Tap Box. This project was designed and constructed with future growth in mind. The current capacity of this site is 2500amps but can be upgraded to 4000amp in the future by simply upgrading the utility transformer and backup generators.

All of the demolition and installation for this project was completed in a live data center and around live network equipment. This project was completed with 0 incidents and 0 interruptions to the client’s operation.


McAllen, TX




$17 Million

Quick Facts

  • Two, 1.5MW Caterpillar Generators

  • Three, 150KW Vertiv CRAC Units

  • Two, New Utility Services

  • 500 cu. yd. Concrete

  • 2500 Amp Capacity

  • Two, 4500 Gallon Fuel Tanks

  • 150 Tons of Added Cooling

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