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Basin Filter Upgrade

This project was completed at one of the most critical facilities in the country for this particular client. This project, once complete, would reduce the required frequency of maintenance on the chilled water system as well as the amount of wastewater caused by the current filtration system.

This site has two, 55,000 gallon cooling towers on site that supplement their water cooled chiller plants. Each tower consisted of an existing sand filtration system which filtered the water used in each sump. With the current sand filtration system, this required bi-annually draining and cleaning and took around five days to complete each time, for each sump. During this time the site redundancy is reduced as one system has to be shut down and drained.

The old sand filtration system was demolished and replaced with a new filtration system that consisted of new pumps alongside a Particle Separator and Water Polisher that work together to remove debris from the water down to <100 micros. This new system reduced the yearly maintenance from five days, bi-annually: to three days, annually. Thus, saving approximately seven days of down time per sump per year. Another benefit of this new system is that the amount of wastewater is reduced by approximately 30% requiring less fresh water to replenish the chilled water system.

This project was completed by shutting down, draining, demolishing, installing and commissioning one sump at a time. This left the building 100% operable during the construction process. With the critical planning by our onsite XEC superintendent, this project was completed without incident  and with 0 down time to the Owner.


Rocklin, CA




$1.3 Million

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