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Electrical & Fire Protection Upgrades

The major portion of work surrounding this project was the replacement of a problematic Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) with a new custom-made 208V, 4 Pole, 4W, 2500A ATS with maintenance/isolation bypass that was engineered to fit within the space where the existing ATS was located. What made this project challenging was de-energizing the existing ATS and switching the building to a temporary generator and ATS while crews began install of the new ATS. The other challenging aspect was removing the existing ATS that was located in the center of the main distribution lineup within the facility AC power room that had very little space for crews to complete this work.

In addition to the ATS replacement, this project also included the demolition of an existing 208V tap box and a new MTS installed in its place, as well as a replacement of the preaction system within the exterior generator building with a new Marioff Hi-Fog system.


Kearns, UT


2.5 Months





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