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XEC Mission Critical


XEC | Mission Critical Solutions help telecommunication companies and data center owners with their highly technical construction service needs. We are a specialized construction company with committed, trained and experienced professionals who have dedicated most of their careers to serving mission critical facility owners’ construction needs. Our management team has successfully completed more than 3 million square feet of mission critical facilities across the US including new “ground up”, expansions, upgrades and renovations of existing facilities.

Our projects are as varied as the clients we serve. We have successfully completed a design-build colocation facility that was an old warehouse building to a chiller upgrade to installing new paralleling switchgear with redundant power in mobile switch stations and everything in between.

We take care of the highly technical details from conceptual design stage through commissioning and beyond so our clients can focus of delivering IT services, data storage and/or telecommunication services to their customers with 100 percent uptime and peace of mind. Nobody would have general practitioner perform brain surgery on them so why would anyone have a general contractor build or upgrade their mission critical facility without first having the experience, knowledge, capabilities, and track record of performance?

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