XEC Safety


Protecting our clients’ employees, our employees, subcontractors’ employees, the public, and the critical equipment inside and outside mission critical facilities is the most important work we do. Therefore, it is the policy of XEC, Inc. to perform all work with the highest level of safety and protection to safe guard against any and all potential accidents and hazards. Our safety policy and procedures has been vetted our clients who are extremely cautious about the safety practices, policies, procedures, and records of the vendors who serve their construction service needs.

We’re proud of the fact that XEC has never had a lost-time accident in its history! We go above and beyond what is required by OSHA by requiring mandatory drug-test screenings for our employees and every subcontractor employee. Our site and project managers go through rigorous safety training every year.

Providing and ensuring safe working environments for everyone is an integral part of our corporate culture. If, for whatever reason, you believe we are not upholding to the highest standards of safety we urge you to contact your Project Executive at XEC and make them aware. We guarantee that your concern will be dealt with immediately.

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