Telecom Network Infrastructure

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Telecom Network Infrastructure

Our Mission Critical Solutions team specializes in providing construction services to telecom clients across the US. Whether it is a new building, expansion, upgrades to an existing operational facility, our experienced team of highly trained professionals have the expertise that make us uniquely qualified to handle all types of projects. “There aren’t many companies that do what we do and even less that do it well!”

Repeat clients represent nearly 97% of our annual revenue. Most of their facilities are “live” revenue generating centers. We understand 100% Uptime! Our services are executed in strict accordance to our client’s high standards and procedures along with our own internal procedures (a/k/a “MOPs”) to insure that these facilities will continue to generate revenue while construction occurs.

Client types include wireless and wire-line carriers for the following list of project categories:

  • Mobile Switching Centers (MSC)
  • Mobile Switching Operations (MSO)
  • National Network Operations (NNO)
  • Network Equipment Center (NEC)
  • Network Equipment Centers (NEC)
  • POP Sites
  • STIC Labs

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