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Switch Room HVAC Upgrade

The objective of this project was to upgrade the cooling capacity within the second of two Switch Equipment Rooms located in the 52,000 SF facility. The existing Switch Room was equipped with (6) 30-Ton Liebert CRAC units and associated dry-coolers on the roof. The existing CRAC’s within the Switch were removed and replaced entirely with (10) new Liebert 20-Ton down-flow, dual feed CRAC units and associated condensers and economizer pumps on a new structural steel equipment platform on the roof. The electrical feeds to all (10) new CRAC units were equally diversified between MSB-1 and MSB-2.

The installation of the (10) new CRAC units was completed in three scheduled phases while always maintaining proper cooling capacity within the Switch Room. In addition to upgrading the cooling capacity within the Switch Room, we also installed (2) new 10-Ton Liebert up-flow CRAC units within new Telco Room 157. All (12) CRAC units are networked and controlled by a new Liebert Network Switch and associated ICOM Controllers. They are also integrated in the existing BAS system including a complete graphics upgrade.

New Aux Framing & Cable Tray was installed within Telco Room 157 & Corridor 141 to facilitate the future connection between the new Telco equipment and Rectifier Room #2. The grounding system was upgraded to support the future Telco Room equipment and to comply with current standards. A new FM-200 zone was added for new Telco Room 157 along with VESDA at all new CRAC unit return air grilles.


Westborough, MA


4 Months




$3 Million

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