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SAP Expansion Project

For this project we renovated the client’s existing 15,500 sf office space into a new SAP Equipment Room complete with A and B side AC Power Rooms, UPS/Battery Rooms and an exterior Equipment Yard housing the Liebert condensing units and two new standby 2 MW packaged diesel generator sets.

Electrically the renovations include a dedicated 3,000AMP Utility Service with a pad mounted 2,500kVA Transformer. This service provides 2N electrical distribution and alternate feeds to all critical equipment within the new SAP Room. The two new packaged 2 MW Caterpillar generators are standby units dedicated to backing up the new Utility. Four new Russelectric ATS’s are configured to automatically provide power from either the Utility, generators, or the two portable generator tap boxes. New UPS’s are configured as N+N, located in independent rooms. Each UPS Room includes two 250kW/250kVA single modules and provisions for two additional future UPS’s.

Mechanically a total of four 42-Ton Liebert downflow CRAC Units were installed in CRAC Alley providing N+1 cooling for the SAP Room. The UPS Rooms also achieve N+1 cooling with four Liebert upflow CRAC units. Fire Protection upgrades included new FM-200 clean agent suppression in all new Electrical, UPS, CRAC, and SAP Equipment Rooms. Preaction sprinkler systems were provided in the Corridor spaces and VESDA installed throughout all critical spaces.

The biggest challenge we faced on the project was installing all of the underground footings and electrical conduit inside the existing facility. This required us to completely demolish and remove the existing floor slab to allow interior excavation for the access floor environment and miles of underground electrical distribution conduit. This was done in the existing operational MSC facility with diesel equipment all while monitoring and properly maintaining acceptable air quality in the space.

Another notable challenge was the coordination effort required to maneuver the two new UL 2085 Diesel Fuel tanks that each weighed 130,000lbs. The tanks along with the new generators, packaged enclosures and all accessories were delivered to the site and set in place in two working days.


Westborough, MA


14 Months




$16.3 Million

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