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HVAC Upgrade Project

This project entailed mechanical and electrical upgrades to an existing, fully operational telecom switch. The occupied, nine-story building presented many challenges while renovations were taking place in the basement through fourth floor of the facility. While upgrading the HVAC systems we had to work diligently to insure there were no interruptions to the ongoing data communications.

One major challenge we faced was removing a 300 ton chiller up a narrow basement staircase, and then replacing it with a new one. In order to place the new chiller in the basement we had to bring it down in four separate pieces, then navigate a 90 degree turn at the base of the stairwell to fit each of the components into place.

Other upgrades include the demo and replacement of five Computer Room Air Conditioner Units (CRAC) on the first and second floors, the installation of two new return air fans on the first floor, and added six condensing units to the roof.


Lincoln, NE


4.5 Months




$1.5 Million

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