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Switch Room HVAC Modifications

Our goal at XEC is to always put our customers first. For this project, that meant all work had to be completed during the maintenance window of midnight to 5:00am.The scope of work included ductwork modifications made in Switch Rooms A and B to supply airflow only in the cold aisles, as well as cold aisle containment systems (CACS) that were installed at each of the cold aisles to maintain temperature zones.

Work began with demolishing the existing supply air ducts that fed the air grilles in what are now hot aisles, and relocating BAS sensors from their existing locations on the walls of the switch rooms to the cold aisles. Additional sensors were then added, which control automatic balance dampers in the large branch ducts in each room. During construction, temporary equipment protection measures were placed in the switch rooms to ensure as little disruption as possible. The CACS installation consisted of curtains, equipment-top baffles, and sliding access doors. Supplemental auxiliary framing was also installed to support and brace the CACS.

XEC finished the project with testing, adjusting, and balancing on the HVAC system affected in this project, and the commissioning in accordance with network standards.


Tulsa, OK


4 Months





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