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Wireline Central Plant Upgrades

This project consisted of mechanical and electrical upgrades on the Client’s second busiest network switch. In order to maintain the customer’s chilled water and cooling system, extensive chilled water piping and four (4) temporary chillers were connected to the building system. This was done in order to install and bring online a new 900 Ton chiller and 2,700 GPM cooling tower, while maintaining network integrity. Additional new equipment installed include (4) Dolphin water treatment systems, a 15,000 gallon emergency water storage tank, (3) 2,100 GPM chilled water pumps, and (2) 2,700 GPM condenser water pumps.

In addition to this work, the central plant was re-roofed while live and a new 212,000 CFM louvered penthouse for generator air intake was set. Card access, CCTV, and Build stems were also upgraded as part of this project.


Fort Worth, TX


4 Months




$2.6 Million

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