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Roof Replacement

Moundridge, Kansas

This facility had two existing roofing systems, a built-up-roofing (BUR) system atop a cast-in-place concrete roof deck and a corrugated metal roof panel system atop a steel frame building. We replaced the entire BUR system with a new 4-ply SBS-modified bitumen roof. Maintenance on the existing metal roofing sections included replacing fasteners and sealants on the metal roof.

The drainage patterns of the existing roof were modified from utilizing interior roof drains to providing positive sloped drainage to the perimeter of the building. To accomplish this goal, we removed all existing roofing insulation and provided positive drainage through the use of built-up tapered insulation.

The existing lightning protection systems were removed to allow for the roof replacement work and then reinstalled and inspected to provide a UL Master Label for the completed system.


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