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XEC understands that the colocation business case is a unique model contrasted with other types of mission critical facilities such as data centers for financial service companies, healthcare, and disaster recovery.  We understand that in Colocation your data center is your core business and not an enterprise data center servicing a larger core business.  We understand that in colocation it must be built so that revenue can flow.  You don’t have large budgets set-aside for the design and construction of your data center.  We specialize in the design and build of a facility tailored to your unique business model.

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XEC understands how to deliver specialized data center construction and construction of mission critical facilities. This highly specialized depth of knowledge and talent includes decades of experience with complex mechanical, electrical, special systems and redundancy features associated with these facilities which positions XEC as the preferred provider of construction services for many of the industry leading data center owners.

XEC’s geographic footprint includes completed projects in 29 states and growing! Our Fortune 100 clients, extensive database of specialty subcontractors and dozens of licenses, allows us the opportunity to work in almost any state and city in the US.

Technology is changing the way businesses operate, and XEC is knowledgeable about the many benefits and challenges that companies face while planning their data center project.  XEC is committed to providing mission critical facility owners and managers with solutions to industry concerns like increasing energy costs, utility power shortages, limited space, and insufficient cooling. XEC has invested resources in R&D to better serve our wide array of mission critical clients.

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